Yow. Where has the year gone?

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It’s past midway in 2017. Yes, already. 

Is summer (or winter for you southern hemisphere folks) going well for you? I hope so. Here in Montana we’re looking forward to the solar eclipse in August. I have to travel a few miles south into Idaho but I will report! I hope you report too if you’re in the trajectory of this rare event.

The Frenchman: a Bennett Sisters Mystery

My news this summer is the new Bennett Sisters mystery, The Frenchman, coming in early September. It’s number five — again, already! So here it is!

In this story we continue the thread that began at the end of The Things We Said Today where Merle gets an idea to write a gothic romance, like those she and her sisters loved as young girls. [Hint: Me too.] She decides to go to France for a longer stretch so she can research and write her novel, set during the French Revolution.

Meanwhile (isn’t there always a meanwhile??) Pascal, who works in the Wine Fraud Division of the Policier Nationale) is doing an undercover investigation when he falls off Merle’s radar. She tries not to be a hovering girlfriend while vandals spray graffiti on her lovely stone house and she tries to finish her remodeling to-do list.

There are a number of fascinating Frenchmen in the book, including of course Pascal d’Onscon, Merle’s boyfriend. There is also a stranger with a scar, a couple of intriguing Frenchmen during the revolutionary period, a criminal, a vandal, some wine shenanigan-ers. (Is that a word? It should be.)

If you’re ready to read a little bit of the new book, check it out here. You can read a preview on InstaFreebie here:

Read a Preview of The Frenchman

Catching up on the Bennett Sisters? You can get this box set for much less than the individual books.

Check it out on Amazon!




And one more thing– the audiobook for The Things We Said Today is out!

Thank you, Denice Stradling for your awesome narration.

Get the audiobook now!


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