Your French Boyfriend is FREE

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Hurry… DEAD Flat 1: Bottle of Lies is FREE this week only!

On all platforms, find your favorite!

KOBO: (available in many countries on KOBO)
Apple Books: (available in many countries on Apple Books)

Pascal is ready for a long break with his live-in love, Merle Bennett, at their cottage in the Dordogne. But a favor is called in from his boss and off he goes to Champagne, to investigate a fraudulent labeling of wine at a swanky domaine. Thus starts Pascal’s first adventure in the Bennett Sisters Mystery series, as a wine fraud cop working with the Police Nationale.

This first installment, a novella, explores the inner life and family ties of the attractive French boyfriend and wine fraud detective in the series. Dead Flat is a trilogy. Read on for Parts 2 & 3: “Outside the Bubble” and “Uncorked.”

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