Win a Collectible Hardcover of Blackbird Fly!

Posted by in Bennett Sisters, Giveaways, Kickstarter on Mar 31, 2023

The Kickstarter campaign starts very soon– April 10.



To help it take off, I am giving away one copy of the hardcover featured in the campaign, to anyone who signs up for the Kickstarter before it launches. The more the merrier on followers! You don’t have to pledge to the campaign but you will be notified when it is live and you can browse through all the books and swag at your leisure! Right now, those details are hidden from view. But April 10 – BOOM! It’s live.


Sign up!

The hardcover has a dust jacket and interior color art and other illustrations. It’s just a gorgeous thing, and entirely readable as well! It will be available as an e-book too, in case you want to keep your hardcover pristine. Totally understandable! But do crack it open to see the cool stuff inside.

I’ll be revealing more cool swag in the next few days… stay tuned! But now, sign up

Here’s the giveaway

Congrats to Kristen, who won the hardcover giveaway! Thanks to all who entered. You can now bid on items in the Kickstarter over at


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