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Are you ready to read on? Sometimes it only takes a few pages to realize that the world of the Bennett Sisters is the place for you! As one reader said:

I was so happy that I got to continue reading one book after another as soon as I was finished with each one. I loved the whole Bennett family and a lot of their friends that they make along the way. These books have some of everything in them from love, mystery and even murder. I found the five sisters to be smart, funny and beautiful. They are quite different in personalities. I am glad Merle was the lead character as I felt I could relate more to her than some of the others. I won’t give away spoilers. I’ll just tell you that none of the books are boring or bad. I kept reading straight through each one, constantly flipping pages to see what in the world would happen next. They are exciting and will definitely keep you entertained.
The first box set with four books is a slight bargain. If you bought these books separately they would cost almost $12. Get it for a savings of 17% and read straight through till midnight! That’s the real savings… the convenience of it all!

Bennett Sisters Mysteries

Volumes 1 – 4
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