All Your Pretty Dreams

What does a draftsman from the Twin Cities, born into a cheesy polka band, have in common with a prickly, ambitious scientist who has seen the world? And just how badly does she want him to breach her very formidable defenses?

A story about second chances and the laws of attraction, this is a New Adult novel new pretty dreams 2-12featuring twenty-somethings in search of a fresh start.

“The beauty of this book is its originality, and its sheer inability to be categorized, which, in today’s world of cookie-cutter books, is a good thing! It’s a romance, with its lovers troubled and conflicted and struggling with their feelings, but ultimately, wonderfully in love. It’s a coming-of-age story, with characters young as well as old doing so! It’s a story of family and values, both not necessarily going hand in hand … and more than anything, love – in all of its variations and dimensions.

Lise McClendon’s stories are unique and inventive … no traditional formulas for her, thank you very much. Her dialogue is witty, her characters multi-dimensional, and her locales so well defined that the visuals replay in your head long after you lay the book down. As with her previous books, ALL YOUR PRETTY DREAMS is a joy to read.”               — Goodreads


Combining the star-crossed lovers of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice with the quirky characters of Anne Tyler, the world of Red Vine, Minnesota comes to life: a rich milieu of confrontation, betrayal, humiliation, laughter, and redemption.

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