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Alix Thorssen Jackson Hole Mysteries

1. The Bluejay Shaman (1994)
2. Painted Truth (1995)
3. Nordic Nights (1999)
4. Blue Wolf (2001)
Dear Alix (2012) short stories
The Art of Murder (omnibus) (2014)


Dorie Lennox Swing Town Mysteries


Bennett Sisters Mysteries

8. The Bennett Sisters French Cookbook (2018)
9. A Bolt from the Blue (2019)
10-11-12. DEAD FLAT: a trilogy featuring Pascal d’Onscon (2019-2020)
13. Lost in Lavender (2020)
14-15-16. Birds of a Feather: a trilogy (2021)
17. Chateau des Corbeaux (2021)
18. Here There and Everywhere (2022)
The Bennett Sisters Mysteries Vol 1-4 (omnibus) (2017)
Bennett Sisters Mysteries Box Set: Volume 1 & 2(omnibus) (2017)
Bennett Sisters Mysteries Box Set: Volume 3 & 4 (2018)
Bennett Sisters Mysteries Box Set: Volume 5 & 6 (2018)


Jump Cut (2011) (as by Rory Tate)
All Your Pretty Dreams (2012)
Plan X (2013) (as by Rory Tate)
Beat Slay Love (2015) (as by Thalia Filbert with Taffy Cannon, Kate Flora, Katy Munger & Gary Phillips)

Short Stories

“Under the Gun,” in Bookworm of a Suspect (2023)
“Wild Irish Dreams,” in Little Shop of Murders (2023)
“Hot Pants,” in Get up offa that Thing, crime fiction inspired by James Brown (2023)
“A Tale of Two Vineyards,” in A Sampling of Sleuths (2023)
Forked Tongue (2017) in The Obama Inheritance, edited by Gary Phillips (Anthony Award winner)
Honey Trap (2011) In Dead of Winter and individually
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