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Have you hugged your e-reader lately, or at least given it a new digital book? It’s Read an E-book Week and over at Smashwords there are lots of free and discounted books to download and make your reader proud. Give one to someone you love. Browse to your heart’s content.

This week I am reading Stephen Greenblatt’s The Swerve: How the World Became Modern on my Kindle Fire. It’s about the re-discovery of Lucretius’s poem, On The Nature of Things, written about 50 B.C. It was lost, condemned by the church because its author, an Epicurean philosopher, believed the soul and the body were inseparable and that life was about pleasure and the avoidance of pain. A fascinating story, one that could easily be a mystery novel set in the Renaissance, when a wandering book hunter and papal scribe named Poggio unearthed a forgotten copy of the poem in a monastery. Or so Greenblatt surmises. It doesn’t really matter where he found it but that he did find it and it circulated again, in the midst of the Inquisition when to say such things was be burned at the stake. Winner of the National Book Award and the Pulitzer, I heartily recommend it.

I also read a spicy novella, something completely different. A hot little number called ‘Forevermore’ by Lauren Royal. Historical romance, not something I usually read so the length was perfect. Lauren helped me publicize one of my own free books this week and this one is free as well. Check it out.

Several of my books are free and discounted on Smashwords for Read an E-book Week. Hie thee over there — before it all goes away on March 9 — and check out all the great stuff!

What are you reading? Spill!