Valentine’s Day

… to forget about resolutions?! Be practical? Look coldly at your absolute failure to complete resolutions?!

Never! Although I can’t say I remember what I resolved to do last year, except keep my desk and office more tidy. That whole thing went awry when we just moved out of the house completely this fall, upended our semi-retired lives, and moved back to the big city. This year should offer up lots of writing time as the full-time practice my dear doctor is committed to will not offer many opportunities for running away to play. So write it is for 2013.

In that vein then: I resolve to finish the novel I’ve been working on for a couple of years, the Shakespearean thriller, PLAN X. This fall I did spend a few precious quiet moments on an airplane ride to compose some mock Bardian lines to use in the novel. Yes, I have no shame. I think I can write twenty good lines that sound ever-so-slightly like Shakespeare. The point is not that they sound exactly like the Bard, which is a good thing. Maybe they’re fake. Maybe they’re real. Read on and we shall see.

2012 has been a little hectic. I have few concrete writing plans beyond finishing this book. I am committed to writing a portion of a serial novel with my cohorts at Thalia Press Authors Co-op. We’re doing a mad chef thing, with yummy mayhem for foodies, crime fans, and travel aficionados. Should be a riot.

What next? Another Alix Thorssen? A Dorie Lennox? Another book set in France? I have a fun idea for that, involving crime and truffles, and have a feeling that’s the way I may go. I may even have to visit France again to do research. I’m open for votes though. Got a special request?

Happy reading and writing new year, everyone! May you visit story-ville as often as you desire.