The Goodreads giveaway was a success! Over 900 people signed up to win one of three copies of All Your Pretty Dreams.

Pretty Dreams front cover
Congratulations to Alexis from Fort Meade, Maryland, Susan from Columbus, OH, and Fallon  from Bentonville, AR. They will be receiving books in the mail in time to read over the holidays — or give to someone who loves to read!

Want to give a book to a reading maniac in your family? All Your Pretty Dreams is suitable for readers fifteen and up. It can be classified as “New Adult Fiction,” a fairly new category that features college-age and 20-somethings trying to find their way in the world. Readers who like young adult romance and contemporary romance, as well as general fiction readers will find something to like, I think.

If you read All Your Pretty Dreams, don’t hesitate to leave a review online wherever you like. Reviews help other readers decide if the book is for them… and are greatly appreciated by both booksellers and the author.