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Get your shaman here

Get your shaman here

Less than a buck

The October Surprise

On Thursday, October 1, my friends and I officially release our project, a group novel we call Beat Slay Love: One Chef’s Hunger for Delicious Revenge. It’s a dark comic send-up of serial killer novels, food mysteries, chick lit, and an iconic book you may remember, Eat Pray Love. We offer our sincere apologies to Elizabeth Gilbert and hope she can appreciate our tongue-in-cheek swipe at all that is holy. For we spare very few in this thriller. Reality TV chefs: done for. Pompous jerks: finished. Fakers and takers: outa here. Gleefully!

Fiction as a Mirror

Does your fiction reflect real life? Is that required? How one writer took a headline and crafted it into a thriller.

Here There and Everywhere