Sandra West Prowell

Okay, gang, last chance. I’m giving away five e-books to commenters in July and here is the semi-final choice for the cover of All Your Pretty Dreams. To recap, the story is about a young man who goes home for the summer to play the accordion in his family polka band and reboot his life, and a young woman who is leading a bee study in town. It’s an homage to Pride and Prejudice (no zombies involved) with the genders switched.

On sale August 10!

Thanks to everyone who has put in their two cents so far! You have helped me immensely. Here’s what I’ve worked up, based on your input. (Sorry if you don’t see your favorite design here… I’ll be glad to oblige your e-reader with your choice if you win the free book!)

Let me know what you think about this cover. Thanks!