road trip

I sometimes say I love designing book covers for my indie books. Sometimes because those other (90%) times I pull out my hair in hanks from trying to figure out software, marketing ideas, and readability.
I’m not the best judge of my own book covers. (Is any author? No wonder the traditional publishers rarely give authors any say in their covers.) To help me choose I am posting two more mock-ups for All Your Pretty Dreams, plus the one from a month ago, so you can vote, give me feedback, and generally tell me what you like and dislike in covers. Fonts may change, colors may get altered, even the images may be different in the final version. These aren’t finished by any stretch of the imagination, but you get the idea.  The novel features a young man who goes home for the summer to play the accordion in his family polka band, and a young woman who comes to the same town to do a field study on bees. It’s a gender-bending, small-town, contemporary homage to Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. (If that helps at all.)
I’m giving away five e-book copies to commenters on the covers in the month of July. So comment away! Even if it’s just to say, jeez, hire a graphic designer already…. 🙂
Beekeeper Cover
Beekeeper Cover
Accordion Cover
Grain bins cover