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I’ve talked before about my journey getting my mysteries that have never been narrated into audiobook form. I got back rights on two of them and the third was published by my small press, Thalia Press. I worked with Iambik Audio in Montreal, who like the folks at ACX in the U.S., connect together writers and narrators and package the whole thing up.The whole co-op model, like what we’re doing over at Thalia Press Authors Co-op, just seems so right.

All three are now available, for just $6.99 if you go through the Iambik website: One O’clock Jump, Sweet and Lowdown, and Blackbird Fly. (Your mileage elsewhere will vary.) Here’s a good reason to go direct to Iambik: if you buy all three, you pay only a bit over $15 for all of them! That’s 25% off. Use the code “mcclendon-audio” when you check out.

Here’s what Miette at Iambik had to say about them. My favorite line: “She writes like she means it.” Being in the running as a literary badass pretty much makes Christmas though. 🙂

If Iambik were to offer a Residency in Literary Badassedness, well, it’d be a coveted position, and we’d have a lot of authors in the running.  And Lise McClendon would be among them.   She’s written seven novels, another under her pseudonym, is a member of the Thalia Press Author’s Coopblogs, and as a rule, she writes like she means it.  It doesn’t hurt that her books are good, with a sharp edge and a cunning, lingering use of language.  Here, she chats with audiobook narrators Denice Stradling and Mark Douglas Nelson.

Read the interview HERE.