Christmas gifters, word up! I’ve been a fan of P.D. James ever since my dad gave me a copy of The Skull Beneath the Skin. And I’ve been a fan of Jane Austen, well, forever. In this video interview P.D. James confesses her own love of Austen and discusses her new Jane pastiche, Death Comes to Pemberley. Why write a continuation when so many others have? Jane Austen must be the most mimicked, admired, and re-imagined of authors. (I’m reading Jane Austen Made Me Do It, an anthology of Austen-esque and inspired short stories. Lots of fun, by the way.)

Dame Phyllis, Baroness of Holland Park, is the author of 20 novels. She doesn’t always write detective fiction; she also wrote the dystopian tale, Children of Men, made into a great movie. She is also 91 years old! And still writing great fiction. May she live forever.

Death Comes to Pemberley will be out December 6, 2011, in the US.