indian summer

I am writing this really fast because being at the computer is necessary! Read it quickly. Then, go forth and live life!

Top Ten reasons to push back from the computer.

1. The sun is shining. Or it isn’t. Either way going outside will banish that computer pallor and give you Vitamin D and strong bones.

2. Your neck hurts. Or your back. You know it does and still you hunch over the computer! Stand tall! Do some yoga.

3. There are people in your life. You don’t see them enough. You hardly ever call them. They miss you. Love, connections, touching, laughter: you can’t do without it.

4. The world is large and varied and fascinating. Take a trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go even if they don’t have wifi. The internet will still be here when you get back.

5. Express yourself with color: pick up a paintbrush, a colored pencil, a pastel stick, a camera. Open your eyes to nature.

6. Read a book, any book but preferably fiction because it will help you slow down, recharge, forget your worries and lose yourself in a story. The perfect escape.

7. Get some exercise! You sit too much and your ass is … well, you know. Pump those legs and get the blood sloshing around your noodle. It will make you smarter.

8. The news sucks. It makes you cranky and gives you ulcers. And guess what? Tomorrow there will be more. Ignore it!

9. Remember your bicycle? It remembers you. So do your hiking boots, your skis, and your gardening spade.

10. This is your life. Nobody else’s. Seize onto it with both hands. That’s hard to do while you’re typing. Believe me, I know.