This is so exciting! For two years Katy Munger and I have run Thalia Press, to bring our backlist titles back into print and e-book, and to publish a few original titles that fell through the cracks. But now we’ve joined with other crime writers to create a co-op called Thalia Press Author Co-op, or TPAC. (Think of it as a publishing action committee — and send on those lobbying dollars!)

All of us have a TON of great books to read! Funny, quirky Sparkle Hayter has her great Robin Hudson books. Taffy Cannon has veritable library of cozies, standalones, and mysteries. JD Rhoades is the king of “redneck noir,” books full of gritty Southern charm. Also from North Carolina is Sarah Shaber whose mysteries feature a classics professor on the case. Can’t wait to read them! Gary Phillips is a powerhouse writer from Los Angeles, and a great guy. From the other coast Kate Flora writes from Maine, a recovering lawyer. Some of Kate’s books feature Thea Kozak, a “bright, strong-willed, sharp-tongued protagonist.” Sounds like Katy Munger’s Casey Jones, doesn’t she? Katy wrote the first blog post about her brand spanking new Dead Detective mystery.

My books are all listed here too, with easy ways to find them for whatever paper or electronic format you’d ever want! Check out the new blog too. Follow us to keep up to date! Look for this seal of approval to find great books! Can you tell I’m excited?!!!