Gone Girl

Thanks, everyone, for making my latest free Kindle ebook a fun ride. By Friday I was on my knees, begging Amazon to change the price back to a (very reasonable) $2.99. That’s because in ten days there were over 56,000 downloads of Blackbird Fly! It took off like a rocket, with nearly 30,000 downloads the first three days. The best part, for me, has been the new reviews on the Amazon site — by people I don’t even know! 🙂 Here are a few quotes from the reviews:

“Yes, the novel is a mystery but it is much more. It is, as the title signifies, the story of Merle learning to fly, leaving her past constricted life behind, and welcoming whatever a new life brings her.” — J. Alter

“I really, thoroughly enjoyed this book. The characters were real and completely developed. All loose ends were tied up very nicely. This book climbed inside the main characters, flaws and all, yet I wasn’t bored or feeling any dislike. This is a very introspective book about a woman reclaiming her inner self. LOL, I admit it was difficult reading about the wonderful French dishes and food without drooling.” — Read-it-all Daphne

“Going to France to see the inherited country house proves to be a life changing choice. There she discovers peace, quiet, love and a second chance to life. While the story linked to the house is cleverly written, it is merely an addition to the real story, which comes to a conclusion in the last pages, with Merle having found a new purpose in life: to live it.” — Cornelieu Dascalu

“It is a beautiful story set in France with mystery, love, and family. I was shocked that something so good was free! It would be a great chick flick!” — Cindy

I hope some more reviews roll in! Don’t be shy! Thanks again, lovely readers!