Backlist eBooks has a huge sale going on this week at Smashwords, all sorts of books from mystery to contemporary romance and more. You need a code to get a discount so check out the BacklisteBooks site for all the titles and codes.

Here are the codes to my mysteries that are on sale. All these are normally $2.99 so some are discounted by two-thirds! Only 99 cents! At Smashwords only, but you can read Smashwords files on any e-reader and even on your computer.

Lise McClendon – my Smashwords page

Blackbird Fly, as e-book

The Bluejay Shaman –  $.99 code BL87Z –
One O’clock Jump – $.99 code EL93T –
Blackbird Fly – $.99 code UE79W –
Sweet and Lowdown – $1.64 code WC48Y –
Painted Truth – $1.64 code PJ85W –