Brynn Bonner

You’ll be excited (truly!) to know I’ve been working on the twitch for my new novel. Condensing, crunching, focusing, peering deeply at my navel… Such hard work! So far the twitch, the biztweet, the elevator pitch, goes like this —

“When a Shakespeare scholar is murdered, a Montana policewoman follows the trail of his true identity all the way to Britain’s royal court.  Will Her Maj be next? What does PLAN X reveal?”

Too long! Argh… On the other hand I’ve been waiting YEARS to use “Her Maj” in a sentence, ever since my friend Al Navis, resident of our friendly neighbor to the North, told me about “Liz” coming for a visit to Toronto.

All right, in the meantime, while I sharpen my knives, here’s an interview I did recently about my standalone, Blackbird Fly, and why it’s out on Kindle (and Nook and Smashwords and your favorite local bookstore — just ask!)

Blackbird Fly, as e-book

Kindle Author Interview