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At long last all four Alix Thorssen mysteries are out in two electronic formats: Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook. For Blue Wolf, the fourth in the series set in Jackson Hole, this is its first appearance in the virtual book world. With a cool new cover!

Blue Wolf now out for Kindle & Nook

Blue Wolf is a hot slice of eco-fiction wrapped up in an art auction in Jackson Hole. One of the gray wolves reintroduced in Yellowstone National Park has migrated south to Grand Teton National Park. Private ranches dot the park and competing environmental and land use issues abound. Throw in Alix Thorssen who thinks she saw a wolf once years before, and an eccentric artist eager to settle an old score, and there is a potent mix for the outing of old secrets as well as mayhem around the killing of the new wolf. As always Alix juggles her gallery, her art, her boyfriend, and the quirky residents of Jackson Hole, with humor, curiosity, and many cups of coffee.

The reviewer for the San Diego UNION-TRIBUNE had this to say about Blue Wolf: “A few writers are gifted with a feel for place that transforms locale from mere background into a vital element of the story itself, as important as the human characters who inhabit it… (for instance) Tony Hillerman and James Lee Burke. To their number add Lise McClendon, who has taken the small resort town of Jackson Hole and the Wyoming wilderness that surrounds it, and made it her own.  McClendon weaves a persuasive story, as haunting as the landscape it occupies and blessedly free of manufactured melodrama. In Alix, she gives us a heroine both captivating and credible.”