Summer in the Rockies

Posted by in Uncategorized on Jun 23, 2013

jacksonhole100x100Summer means travel, sunshine, and reading… right?! I’m off to Jackson Hole this week for the writer’s conference. Working feverishly on the pre-conference workshop Truly Richly Deeply: Structure and Depth in the Novel, that Debby Atkinson and I are putting on this Wednesday. I read some good writing books this year and it’s always fun to share what I’ve learned. This year I uploaded all the critique work (every faculty member reads and critiques for attendees) onto my Kindle Fire. So convenient!

I’m also giving a talk about electronic & independent publishing (formerly known as self-publishing). After bitching (moi?)  to my pal and conference honcho, Tim Sandlin, he has relented and given me a session. The industry is a moving target these days but I hope to give a rough outline of the options available. Even though agents and editors are a big part of the conference I think there’s a place for indie pubbers, naturally, as I am one myself.


Speaking of, the paperback of PLAN X is now available. It’s a hefty one, nearly 350 pages, a big, juicy thriller to read in the hammock. I designed the cover myself. This is approximately the 14th rendition and one I particularly like — so I stopped tinkering with it! That’s Cody Byrne, my main character, with her assault weapon from Iraq, and behind her is a big ass explosion that begins the book. That explosion is based on a real one in Bozeman several years ago that took out almost an entire city block downtown. Even if you’ve never been to Montana there’s something in this story for you, I promise!

Also available for your Kindle.

Happy summer, happy reading!

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