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Sometimes in the crush of technology, the rush to get a book to its readers, we get buried in stuff. Formatting snafus, how to make a cover dynamic and awesome (see my previous posts), how to upload and download and sideways load files. And we forget that the most important thing is what comes from your head, your imagination, and is made solid by words on pages. It doesn’t matter if those pages are white or cream or electronic or e-inked. What matters is the words themselves, the story they tell.

I’m wrapping up my final details on All Your Pretty Dreams. I want it to be error-free, smooth sailing, a typo-free zone where the only thing you see is the story. But I’m taking a minute out here on a sunny summer Sunday to remind myself that all the widgets in the world can’t help a story without imagination. I hope your story-reading and story-writing goes well, takes you to dreamy places where anything can happen, shows you the best and worst of human nature, makes you laugh and cry. Transports you. Because that’s the goal: story transportation through imagination. Read a book today!

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  1. Aug 5, 2012

    And that is why, we the readers, thank you, the writers, for doing what you do. Thanks Lise.

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