Lost in Lavender 🌻 Signed Paperback

Posted by in on Nov 7, 2023

Lost in Lavender 🌻 Signed Paperback


Lost in Lavender is the first Bennett Sisters Mystery to feature the youngest sister, Elise. She has only been practicing law a few years (she graduates midway through Blackbird Fly) but she is already disillusioned. She books herself on a farm stay at a lavender farm in Provence, thinking no one could get depressed in such wonderful environs. But the vacation doesn’t work out so well at first, with Elise surrounded by 20-year-old college students and feeling very old at 40.

But never fear, drama and romance are around the corner for the hapless yet happy Elise, as she runs off with the wrong guy– again! Merle and Pascal come to her rescue in the dreamy Provençal summer.

Signed by the author. 6 x 9-inch paperback. Shipping extra. Please note your physical address and how you would like the book inscribed, with just a signature or something more.




For the first time  you can get signed paperbacks of the Bennett Sisters Mysteries! If you wish to have more than Lise’s signature, please specify how you’d like it signed. It will be mailed directly to you from Lise so include your physical address in the message.

Number 13 in the series, following DEAD FLAT.

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