Birds of a Feather πŸ¦‰ Signed Paperback

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Birds of a Feather  πŸ¦‰  Signed Paperback


In Birds of a Feather several of the Bennett Sisters gather in Wales to support Elise who is spending Christmastide, from Solstice to Twelfth Night with her new boyfriend, Conor. His family ‘cottage’ near the English border and the Cotswolds is actually a big, country house with room for all the relatives. Unfortunately this includes Conor’s brother Duncan who is frequently drunk and obnoxious, especially toward Elise.

Can Elise, together with her sisters, navigate this minefield of eccentrics and avoid being the spoiler for this holiday? Her relationship with Conor, a professional golfer who is often quiet and hard-to-read, is very new. Come along to wintry Wales for twelve long dark nights to find out.

For the first time you can get signed paperbacks of the Bennett Sisters Mysteries! If you wish to have more than Lise’s signature, please specify how you’d like it signed. It will be mailed directly to you from Lise.

Numbers 14, 15, and 16 in the series. Shipping is extra. Please include your physical address in the message below.



Birds of a Feather is the combined book of the trilogy called 1: Swan & Peacock, 2: Crazy as a Loon, and 3: Fly the Nest. It is available separately as three different e-books.

Signed by the author. 6 x 9-inch paperback. Shipping extra.

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