Nordic Nights for an evening cool-down!

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Nordic Nights

Nordic Nights

Here it is at last…. the electronic version of the third Alix Thorssen mystery: Nordic Nights. Set during a winter carnival on a frigid Jackson Hole weekend, the story features a Norwegian painter of Viking legends, a fortune teller who uses the runes, an Olympic skier, and Alix Thorssen, art dealer and judge of questionable ice sculptures in the town square. When Alix’s stepfather comes to town to show his handcrafted Viking longboat in the Nordic Nights parade, all sorts of mayhem break loose. Along with these questions: did the Vikings explore middle America? is your imagination running away with the ice sculpture? will Alix ever get Bjarne out of his lycra tights? And, will Alix’s mother’s heart ever warm up?

All answered, in good time. Available now from Amazon, for the Kindle. Enjoy.

Nordic Nights — Kindle

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