Painted Truth

Book 2 of the Alix Thorssen Mysteries

Set in Jackson Hole where the Old West merges with upscale art galleries and adrenaline adventures, this second mystery featuring Alix Thorssen (after The Bluejay Shaman) finds the art dealer on her home-ground but without the comforts of home. Her partnership and gallery with sexy Paolo Segundo are at a crossroads. When another gallery on the town square burns, revealing the body of a famous artist, Alix is drawn into the investigation as an appraiser of the lost paintings. Ray Tantro was a has-been at 30 but was on the verge of a comeback. The death is ruled a suicide but Alix has her doubts. Why are the police so quick to dismiss foul play? The investigation makes her confront her own contradictions as an art lover, turning everything she knows upside down. A second murder rocks the resort town. Alix must examine her ethics and indeed her way of life to find the truth, and justice. But not without a very high price.

“Writing in a lyrical, often humorous style McClendon brings the surrounding Wyoming territories to life, and her insight into the art world is intriguing. Alix Thorssen is a charming, grouchy, quirky, and even harder on herself than she is on the people around her. The plot is a treat” — The Armchair Detective

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“An extremely satisfying mystery whose intricate plot kept me guessing. It’s a rare book that can keep me riveted to its pages and have me reaching for tissues at the end. This one did. I give it my highest recommendation.” Mystery News

“An unusually complex art swindle that will leave you gasping with admiration for the killer’s imagination and industry. McClendon knits detective work together with domestic betrayals in a satisfyingly intricate tangle.” — Kirkus Reviews

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