Jump Cut: a Seattle Thriller


Seattle reporter Mimi Raynard is having a bad week. Her ex-husband is now her boss at the TV station and wants her head on a platter. When three prostitutes die suspiciously Mimi is thrilled to get the story but in her nervous enthusiasm manages to bungle it. The narcotics detective on the case tries to help but both are out-foxed by the buxom intern.

How can she stay at KPOW? The atmosphere is toxic. Desperate, Mimi takes a friend’s advice and dresses up as a Russian Mafiya Madam for a resume tape but balks on sending it out. She has a few scruples left. But someone puts the interview on the air anyway and the FBI are suddenly very interested.

At the Seattle Police Department the narcotics detective Shad Mulgrew has his own career crisis. He is framed for stealing drugs from evidence. Are the murdered prostitutes linked to his case? Is he getting too close to the truth? And what is Mimi’s father doing working for Eastern Europe’s last Communists?

Working together Mimi and Shad search for the truth, and solace from their career problems. At turns funny, sexy, and thrilling with an edgy modern voice, Jump Cut depicts the tangled joys of single life to danger in dark alleys, from the faraway countries to the top of the Space Needle, as the cop and the reporter try to salvage their futures from corruption and too many Cosmos. They end up saving much more than their careers in a wild race to rescue the city they love in this romantic thriller.

Rory Tate is a pseudonym for bestselling mystery writer Lise McClendon, author of Blackbird Fly.

Also available in audio

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My favorite book video is one I produced with my son, Nicholas Webb. (Follow him on Instagram.) He did all the creative camera work and you can see his hand, and mine, in lots of shots.


I could really give this story four-and-a-half stars, I enjoyed it so much. “Why?” you may ask. Well I’ll tell you. I loved Mimi and her out-of-control life, though I’ll admit it did get depressing when EVERYTHING seemed to go wrong for her. I actually wanted to smack the younger, “hotter” girl reporter for what she did to Mimi, but she got what was coming to her. Served her right, too. Same with her scum ex-husband. I also liked Shad, the cop, and I was dying to know who was setting him up and how he’d get out of it. Mimi’s family was weird but funny and I liked all of them. Except her dad, who was a total loser, but he did do something good in the end. (Call me weird but I thought it was great when Maddie sang that song at the funeral – it just seemed fitting. Makes me want to use it for my own funeral!)In conclusion, I do recommend this book. It seems to jump around sometimes (hence the title) but don’t give up cause it all comes together at the end. I thought it was a fun and exciting read. You should try it. Tom O. Powell, Amazon review
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