Birds of a Feather: 2: Crazy as a Loon

Book 15 of the Bennett Sisters Mysteries

Wales in winter is cold, frosty, and rainy. Definitely not France in summer. And yet the Bennett Sisters find the isolation of a rambling country house near Monmouth as mysterious and treacherous as any village in the Dordogne. When the Bennett sisters get together, as they say, anything can happen.

Part 2 of the trilogy BIRDS OF A FEATHER continues the events of Swan & Peacock, where the sisters converge to give Elise emotional support after unwanted attention from one of her boyfriend’s family. A distant French cousin arrives unexpectedly, throwing the household into chaos, just as their annual New Years bird shoot is about to take place.

Will crazy cousin Sabine and her entourage manage to deliver an elaborate New Years Eve réveillon dinner? Will Elise’s guilty parties get their comeuppance? Will the liquor cabinet be drained again? Will the Bennett Sisters have more than a quiet village holiday on their plates this year? Pascal and Merle, Annie and Callum, Elise and new boyfriend (from Lost in Lavender) Conor take on a flock of family kerfuffles in this second part of BIRDS OF A FEATHER.

Read on, mes amies! On to the conclusion, Part 3: Fly the Nest, coming soon

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