A Bolt from the Blue

Paris beckons the Bennett Sisters again… with fine wine, abandoned villas, classic apartments, and hidden secrets

When Francie Bennett goes back to Paris to help untangle an old woman’s estate at first she is confined to escorting the grumpy heir to fancy dinners. Not that she’s complaining because… well, PARIS. She’s up for more though, and the client turns out to be a a Frenchwoman who hates France she is intrigued to say the least.

When Axelle Fourcier left Paris behind after the student riots of 1968, she vowed never to go back. She despises Paris, for reasons she won’t relate. She made a life for herself in America as a professor. But now a beloved aunt, age 104, has died and left her an inheritance to be shared with a cousin she never met. A fabulous Belle Époque apartment in Paris filled with pop art from the ’50s and ’60s is just the start of Axelle’s discoveries in Paris. Wrangling with her slick cousin for the proceeds is distasteful but oh so French.

Audiobook Bolt from the Blue

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“Of all of the Bennett Sisters books, I believe that I liked this one best. The story was complex, as it was actually two stories in one. Both Axelle and Phoebe, one nearing the end of her life and the other just beginning hers. Each character grows and becomes stronger, and each of them struggle. It is a really good read. Enjoy!!!”

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