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Facebook Live with Lise McClendon, on the publication of LOST IN LAVENDER, October 2020


Here’s the book video for my new book, Blame it on Paris… enjoy!


My favorite book video is one I produced with my son, Nicholas Webb. (Follow him on Instagram.) He did all the creative camera work and you can see his hand, and mine, in lots of shots.

This is the video for JUMP CUT, the Rory Tate thriller set in Seattle!

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While I was writing The Girl in the Empty Dress, the sequel to Blackbird Fly, I put together this little teaser. These are photos of my own walking tour in France, the one that inspired the Bennett Sisters’ hike through the Dordogne. We didn’t see any injured dogs along the way but had plenty of other adventures! My thanks to fellow hikers, Helen, Anne, Stephanie, Sara, and Jean, for all the good times.

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