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The Winery of His Dreams

Pinch me: Just like that, the Bennett Sisters Mystery series has been going strong for thirteen years already, starting in 2009 with Blackbird Fly. Sometimes it’s hard to believe. It’s humbling that readers still want to explore the world with the five sisters and their partners— and for me to come up with new and delicious adventures for them. It’s not always easy, which may explain why I’ve written two stories now featuring Pascal d’Onscon. He is middle sister Merle’s partner. As a member of law enforcement in France, he has access to the best things. 

By which I mean criminals, of course.

I am writing fiction, I tell myself. Anything goes, as long as you can sell it properly to the reader. I can involve my five lawyers in any and all sorts of legal issues, secrets and lies and sketchy characters. But I do try to keep things on a somewhat realistic level. So far I have dealt with squatters, wine scams, drug deals, art theft, runaway dogs, and of course a bit of bloody murder. Stumbling over dead bodies in every book stretches credulity at times, especially if your characters are civilians. The five sisters are in various stages of midlife and are professional women, attorneys, not detectives. 

Are my books cozies? Yes and no. They aren’t the typical cozy and yet they aren’t gritty either. I have been known to call them ‘women’s suspense’ which doesn’t actually exist as a sub-genre. International crime? Sure… but… You decide, reader. And, please, tell me your verdict.

The problem I faced with the latest novel, Château des Corbeaux (Castle of Ravens— #17 in the series), is that I have given my wine fraud detective, Pascal, an office job in Bordeaux. (What was I thinking? That this would create tension for him, what he needs to do versus what he wants to do? So that worked.) He works for the Republic’s agency that keeps wineries honest, assures that the grapes are from the proper AOC, honoring all rules and regulations the French have for their sacred nectar. Plenty of money in French wine, thus plenty of wine crime to go around.

In the 2020 book, the first starring Pascal, he is summoned to the Champagne region to investigate a bottle of still white wine with a Champagne producer’s label, a vigneron travesty. (There is no point in still wine if you have grapes growing in the proper Champagne AOC. Make bubbly and make money is the implied motto.) That book, Dead Flat, also chronicled Pascal’s dilemma about whether to accept a promotion in the agency. By Château he is out of field work and into the office, renting a smelly apartment, and hating every minute of that illustrious French invention called bureaucracy.

His dissatisfaction with office work bubbles up in his mind as the idea emerges of owning a vineyard of his own. The desire grabs Pascal— being back on the soil, feeling the terroir, the grape on his tongue, the sun on his face. Although he has never been a farmer and in the past disparaged them as being prey to the whims of weather, markets, and a hundred other things, the idea blossoms into an obsession when he spies an abandoned vineyard seemingly waiting for his loving attention. 

Thus begins his struggle to become a vintner. Not an easy one for Pascal— one day discouragement and resignation that it will never come to pass because he is too poor to buy a Bordeaux vineyard. (They are often priced in the multi-millions and he is, as he often says, a simple public servant.) The next day a glimmer of hope with strapped owners needing a cash infusion. And then, a death in the vineyard to upset all dreams. 

The beautiful countryside of France is again a character in the story, providing spectacular imagery, delicious recipes, and rich history. The rolling hillsides planted with undulating rows of vines, dotted with the turrets of châteaux. Wide rivers flowing to the sea. Quaint villages hiding their secrets behind the intoxicating smell of baking bread and the piety of charming churches. I love the long, bloody history of France and have managed to wind the prehistoric age into this book. There are archeological sites all over France but we tend to hear about Viking ships unearthed in England. France too had its ancient tribes and lost settlements. Iron Age and early Roman finds figure in the tale. 

Will Pascal get his vineyard? Will Merle buy her cottages? What is ailing Francie? How did the man come to die in the vineyard? 

After those questions, the main events of the mystery, are resolved a few loose ends remained. So I wrote a free bonus epilogue that you can link to at the end of the e-book. (Use the QR code in the paperback.) 

Some secret treasures to be revealed… Enjoy! 


Making a run for a bestseller list

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Along with thirty other mystery writers I’m making a run for it! ‘It’ being the USA Today bestseller list. It is one of the easier ones to get for an indie writer, with a long 100+ titles each week. But sadly I’ve never made it! It takes some 10,000 copies sold in one week, across multiple e-book platforms to qualify. So I’ve joined forces with a great group of writers to publish an anthology of short stories about books and libraries. The anthology will sell for just 99 cents, making it within the means of just about anybody. It’s called Bookworm of a Suspect and debuts in April 2023. Can you help us get over the line by preordering the anthology? There will also be prizes, including several Kindles, to be announced as the pub date approaches.

Preorder for just 99 cents

All proceeds for the launch week will go to the charity, FREE BOOK BUS, a 502(c)(3) out of Charlottesville, Virginia, that provides free books to any child or teen who wants one. A cause close to my heart.

I’m working on my short story for the anthology. It will not be a shock that it involves a mystery writer! She has run out of ideas and has writer’s block. Here’s the start of it… it is really fun, and as a cozy, squeaky clean.

Under the Gun

“I would kill for one good idea,” I said aloud, scaring my cat, Zeus. He jumped from the bookshelf, his napping spot, and disappeared. He knew my mood was ugly. Everyone knew.

The deadline loomed, a dark cloud, gathering thunder. I was under the gun.

I stared at the blank page for a good ten minutes then sighed and pushed away from the typewriter. With both hands gripping a hank of my hair I pulled gently. I didn’t want to start pulling out clumps of hair but I was almost there. The end of my rope.

The deadline for my novel was so close. I had no idea what the story would be about. Not a breath of an idea.

I glanced at the calendar, a large, obnoxious thing taped on the whiteboard that took up nearly the entire south wall of my office. It was too horrible to contemplate. Instead I turned back to the window. My view of San Francisco Bay was this tiny apartment’s best feature. At night the Bay Bridge lit the night like a string of luminous pearls.

But now the view didn’t cheer me. I felt the weight of my editor’s expectations on my shoulders. Not to mention my literary agent. Maisie could be a real bear. She believed in me when I had given up but her advice was basically get busy, send pages. As if.

I spun around to look at Zeus’s empty spot on top of the bookshelf. He hadn’t returned. Below the shelves were lined with my books, a testament to an ambition and imagination that had deserted me. On the top shelf were the most recent tomes, psychological thrillers, all proudly penned by Zoe Sexton. I’d finally started using my real name after decades of pseudonyms. The red lettering against glossy black glared back at me from the spines and from the cover of last year’s release, face out on the shelf: TINDER IS THE NIGHT by ZOE SEXTON, bestselling author. A quote from the New York Times below my name read, “Scintillating, scorching, and unputdownable! A treat from a master.”

A master. Ha! Of procrastination apparently. If only one could believe their own publicity.

My eye fell down the shelves. Mysteries, romances, even some sci fi. I’d tried nearly every genre, to the chagrin of my agent. I got bored with myself. It happened to the best of us.

On the bottom shelf were my first books. They were all westerns, a genre with an audience so small it now consisted mostly of rocking chair grandpas. It was sad. I loved westerns when I started. They seemed so exotic, like real-life fairy tales of good and evil. My pen-name back then was Zayne Black, a silly confection to piggyback on the famous author. My stories were nothing like Zane Grey’s but they sold for a while. By the twenty-second book sales tanked and I moved on.

My first husband, he of the western period, used to call me N-Zayne. As in, insane, to write so fast and publish so much. He said I would burn myself out. If he was here today he would not hesitate to say, “I told you so.” He was nice that way.

I stood up, sick of looking at the blank sheet of paper. Should I turn on the computer and stare at a blank screen? No. I stretched and turned inadvertently to the oversize calendar on my wall. It was hard to avoid, which was actually the point.

There, on today’s date, was the notation: “Launch Party, Emerson Bullock, 7 pm, Seventeen Gallery.”

I felt sick. Months ago Maisie had sent me the invitation and made me promise to attend. Emerson Bullock was her client too, a big bestseller, not unlike the way I used to be. It would be painful to be in his presence, for several reasons. He was a well-known miscreant of the first order, a drunken bully even in the best of times. While celebrating himself? Intolerable. 

I groaned and bent over. What further terrors would this day throw at me? I didn’t want to know. The landline in the kitchen rang then. I had a pretty good idea who it would be. 

“What are you wearing?” Maisie Brooks asked abruptly. My agent, full of courtesy, the queen of tact. “Because you’re going. You promised. So what are you wearing?”

“Right now? My bathrobe.” This wasn’t true but it often was at this time of day.

© 2022, Lise McClendon

If you buy on Apple Books can you preorder there? Everyone goes to Amazon. You can be the rebel! Thank you!

Listen to Lise Talk Mysteries

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A podcast Lise did with Australian blogger Jenny Wheeler is now available! Listen to Lise talk about her career, the Bennett Sisters, and the latest mystery, Chateau des Corbeaux, on the podcast Joys of Binge Reading. The transcript is also available.

Listen now

French mysteries

with Jenny Wheeler

Pascal’s little adventure

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A surprise almost as welcome as an April shower!

When I wrote Blackbird Fly I had no idea where Pascal went when he simply left town for a few days. Was it a week, a day, two weeks? I wasn’t sure. Merle thought it was too long and was pretty pissed about it. So I decided to explore his whereabouts… which led to this … a new story about Pascal for you! It’s a companion piece to BLACKBIRD FLY… a full mystery short story that fits in at the beginning of Part Three- Winging It- when Merle cuts her hair, dyes it orange, and gets a job in France.

Find out what the French boyfriend was up to in this new, complete story! ☀️ Click on the cover for details.

Audiobooks 🎧

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I’ve had a summer of audiobooks, and not just the ones I’ve been listening to while driving and walking. (I love those so much!)

No, these are some of my own, produced by my favorite narrators. They have really breathed new life into each and every one of my books. When I listen to my audiobooks, books I wrote last year or years ago, it’s like listening to someone else’s story. It’s brand new to me. So thank you, Denice, Adam, and Naomi for these marvelous treasures. (Click on the covers to read more about the audiobooks on Amazon. Most are available at all your favorite audiobook sites including iTunes, Audible, ChirpKOBO, Libro.fmNOOK, Scribd, and Google Play.


The year started with the audiobook version of LOST IN LAVENDER, the latest full-length novel in the Bennett Sisters Mysteries. Denice Stradling does it again, transporting us to Provence this time, where the lavender is blooming and people aren’t very nice to Elise but she works out a win for herself anyway. She’s come for a farm stay at a lavender farm but discovers so much more about her own courage.

Lost audiobook

Available everywhere and at your library — just ask


Next up, Denice narrated the compilation of the three parts of BIRDS OF A FEATHER that released at the end of July. Off to Wales for the holidays, Elise and Conor navigate the family drama that ensues, along with food, drink, and, well, murder. A traditional English manor house mystery, BIRDS will keep you guessing about who the culprit is… and drooling over the feast for Twelfth Night. Excellent work, Denice, as usual!

Birds audiobook

Available at Audible, iTunes, Chirp, KOBO, Walmart, B&N, Scribd, and all the other apps.

It’s back!

Along the way the first audiobook that Denice narrated for me, Blackbird Fly, number one in the Bennett Sisters Mysteries, got lost in a change at the original publisher. But they were kind enough to give us the rights and files back so we have re-released it. How it all began!

Also widely available now. Audible, iTunes, Chirp, Scribd, and many many library applications

Back up to 2020

I’ve been saying that I don’t remember much of 2020 (on purpose) but that’s not really true. I released the three parts of DEAD FLAT over the winter months, then compiled them in the spring, like I did with Birds of a Feather this year. I never got around to releasing the audiobook though until this summer. Denice and I agreed that, since it’s Pascal’s story, it required a male narrator. I threw it out there and got an audition by an out-of-work Broadway actor named Adam Wesley Brown. (You might have seen him as Carl Perkins in Million Dollar Quartet.) Adam does a great French accent for Pascal — and lots of other accents in this story set all over France but mainly in the Champagne region. Much intrigue, much French travel, much bubbly. Dead Flat is available everywhere audiobooks are sold.

NEWS FLASH: Dead Flat is 99 cents on ChirpBooks for a limited time!


Last but not Least

My last audiobook for 2021 is BLUE WOLF, a book celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. It came out in June, not long before September 11, 2001. Not an auspicious time for publishing but the book did well as the 4th installment in the Alix Thorssen Mystery series set in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. (The first three books in the series were produced in audio by Books in Motion but they never bought the fourth book.)

I am fascinated by gray wolves, living near Yellowstone National Park as I do. Their reintroduction in 1995 set off my imagination as a way to include them a mystery. BLUE WOLF is the culmination of that search, a personal story for Alix, and for a woman still grieving the loss of her son after 25 years. Naomi Rose-Mock did a masterful job bringing the story to life.

The production of Blue Wolf is now available at Audible and iTunes. Check the Amazon site for the book here: https://amzn.to/3yRpILB

AUDIBLE Available at iTunes here: iTUNES

Happy listening! Please leave a review where you bought one if you enjoyed the audiobook. Thank you!

Happy holidays with a new Bennett Sisters Mystery ❄️

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Birds of a Feather

Part 1: Swan & Peacock

Your midwinter reading feast is about to begin! Part One of the winter trilogy launches December 30.

The Bennett Sisters meet in Wales for the holidays, gathering at Elise’s new boyfriend’s country home.

The Albion ‘flock’ comes together at their country house in Wales this year for their traditional solstice to Twelfth Night family gathering. Elise joins her summer fling, new boyfriend, Conor Albion, but finds some of the relatives are hostile to both of them. When Elise receives an unwanted attention from one of them, two of her sisters decide to come to the nearby village for emotional support. Elise won’t run away from her problems this time– but how will she deal with this indecent proposal?

Elise is in an awkward position but is determined not to run away from her problems. The presence of two of her sisters helps give her courage her troubles, but will it ruin her relationship with Conor and his family? Meanwhile Conor’s parents tell him they won’t support his golf ‘hobby,’ leaving him unsure of his financial and professional future. Then an uninvited guest descends, giving a promise of chaos to the gathering.

Will Annie and Merle be able to help Elise with her problem? Will the sisters stay for the announced but doubtful twelve-course French New Year’s Eve dinner? Will the unwanted guest ruin the entire holiday?

Learn More

Order Now on Amazon


Get Lost in Provence

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Lost in Lavender
Coming October 15 – in e-book and paperback

You may never want to go home

lavender bunch

A dollop of mystery, a soupçon of romance, mixed well with intrigue and lavender:

a recipe for a Provençal adventure

Now on the dark side of 40, Elise Bennett is ripe for a midlife crisis. She went into the law because her four older sisters are all attorneys but she hates her job. The sisters have all found love. Elise broke up with a boyfriend she couldn’t marry. Nothing seems to work out for her.

How can she be happy? The constant pressure from her family to be a successful lawyer is crushing. Her ex is driving her nuts. She decides to escape to France where she books herself an exotic vacation. A farm stay in Provence at a lavender farm sounds ideal for thrashing out her future.

Unfortunately all the other guests at the picturesque family farm are twenty-year-old college students. And the work is menial and dull. There is Conor who drives the family tractor but even he rejects Elise. She feels like the world has turned on her. So when she meets a suave Frenchman at a village festival she falls for his charms.

Only after Elise runs off to the man’s house near Aix-en-Provence does she begin to wonder who Ari is– and where he is. Thus begins a tangle of suspicion and mystery that Elise, along with her sister Merle and her policeman/partner, Pascal, must unravel.

Intrigue, adventure, murder, and romance: all is not all sunshine and flowers in the south of France. But for Elise’s sake, will there at least be time for a summer fling?

This is one of the most delightful series I have ever read. I couldn’t wait each day to get back to reading. The Bennett Sisters are filled with adventure and excitement. Romance, joy of living and dead bodies accompany their adventures! You will be amused and mesmerized by this delightful series!

— Jo Gibbs, Amazon reviewer

Your French Boyfriend is FREE

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Hurry… DEAD Flat 1: Bottle of Lies is FREE this week only!

On all platforms, find your favorite!

KOBO: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/dead-flat-2 (available in many countries on KOBO)
Apple Books: https://books.apple.com/ca/book/dead-flat/id1491211268 (available in many countries on Apple Books)

Pascal is ready for a long break with his live-in love, Merle Bennett, at their cottage in the Dordogne. But a favor is called in from his boss and off he goes to Champagne, to investigate a fraudulent labeling of wine at a swanky domaine. Thus starts Pascal’s first adventure in the Bennett Sisters Mystery series, as a wine fraud cop working with the Police Nationale.

This first installment, a novella, explores the inner life and family ties of the attractive French boyfriend and wine fraud detective in the series. Dead Flat is a trilogy. Read on for Parts 2 & 3: “Outside the Bubble” and “Uncorked.”

Two new box sets for you binge readers!

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Two new box sets, each with two books!

The first one, on the left, is the box set of the two Bennett Sisters mysteries that feature Francie Bennett and her adventures in Paris and the countryside of France. In Blame it on Paris she runs off to Paris to get away from troubles at her law firm, only to run into an old boyfriend. She and Merle work to get an American student out of a notorious French prison, while keeping said boyfriend in sight. In A Bolt from the Blue, Francie comes back to Paris with Dylan and helps out by escorting a sour old woman who is the heir, with a cousin, to her aunt’s estate. The woman has lived in the US for years and vowed never to return to France. Her secrets, and her aunt’s, make for an exciting mystery.

Bennett Sisters Volume 7 & 8

I wrote two thrillers as ‘Rory Tate,’ — one of many pseudonyms — and they are collected here for readers who like a fast-paced thrill-ride with spies and villains. In Jump Cut, television news reporter Mimi Raynard is struggling in her career. At the same time Seattle narcotics detective, Shad Mulgrew, is accused of stealing drugs from evidence. Meanwhile Mimi’s father, a shady operator now in Moldova, summons her to help him. A wild ride through the former Soviet bloc and back to Seattle. PLAN X starts in Montana with a bang, an explosion in a university lab that kills a professor of Shakespeare. Policewoman Cody Byrne is tasked with finding his next of kin, a job that turns out to be much more difficult and dangerous than anyone imagined, taking her to Washington DC and England.

Also included in the Two International Thrillers is a bonus short story featuring reporter Mimi Raynard, running down a story during a freak winter storm in slippery Seattle.

Get the Thriller Box Set Now

Available to Kindle Unlimited readers

Have you read these books already? Please leave a review on the box set page! Thank you

See all Lise’s books on Amazon

Pascal Part 3 or the full trilogy

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Get Ready for the full Trilogy, coming April 1

The paperback of the full trilogy is ready to go, and the ebook is releasing April 1!

If you’ve been waiting for the full version after seeing the first three parts come out over the last few months– here you go! All three parts in one ebook and paperback.

Pascal d’Onscon, Merle Bennett’s love, is a wine fraud detective affiliated with the French Police Nationale. He gets a call to go to the Champagne region from his boss. It’s not his usual region but a favor for his boss for an old friend who owns a winery there. When things go bad, Pascal is the only one to mop up the mess. He also has to untangle his sisters’ personal lives and his own professional life. Should he take the promotion that would mean leaving the Dordogne and his life with Merle? So many questions. Find out the answers in DEAD FLAT.

DEAD FLAT: full trilogy

If you’ve already read parts 1 and 2, Bottle of Lies and Outside the Bubble, you might just want to buy part 3, Uncorked. Read the final installment with the twists and turns of the murder investigation and bottle scam discovered by Pascal d’Onscon. Will he take the promotion and move to Paris? Why did the vintner die? What the heck is going on??

DEAD FLAT 3: Uncorked


Things really pick up pace in this book! Even Merle gets involved in solving the case! She has a keen deductive mind and was seriously impressing Pascal. I didn’t see the solution at all! It was a whole lot of fun experiencing a mystery from Pascals’s point of view!

I absolutely love these books! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Amazon reviewer

Pascal Part Deux

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Pascal’s adventures continue!

The second part of the trilogy of DEAD FLAT takes Pascal out of Champagne and back to the Dordogne and Merle. He’s had to rescue his older sister, Suzette, from a dicey domestic situation but the drama continues as they hit the road to see another sister in Bretagne.

There is a lot of driving in this book, like all over France! I did a lot of driving on my last trip to France. That was the famous trip where I didn’t know how to shift into reverse and got stuck crosswise in traffic. Ack. Pascal is a much better (and faster) driver in his vintage BMW but his sister Suzette isn’t the best passenger and gets on his nerves. Luckily he has Merle along to lighten the mood.

DEAD FLAT 2: get it now

We find out more about Pascal’s family in this installment which ends in a twist! Someone gets arrested for the murder of the vintner! Zut alors! Stay tuned for the final part, DEAD FLAT 3: Uncorked, coming at the end of February. Preorder now to get it ASAP.


Did you miss the first book in the trilogy? Here it is!

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