The Bennett Sisters Mysteries –  Audiobooks

Château des Corbeaux (2021)

Audiobook released July 2022 – available wherever you buy audiobooks. Ask your library to order a copy!

Birds audiobook

Birds of a Feather (2021)

Available on Audible, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, KOBO, Chirp, and wherever you buy audiobooks

Dead Flat (2020)

Available on Audible, KOBO, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and wherever you buy audiobooks

Lost in Lavender (2020)

Available on Audible, Amazon, iTunes, KOBO, Barnes & Noble, or wherever you buy audiobooks

Audiobook Bolt from the Blue

A Bolt from the Blue (2019)

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Blame it on Paris

Audible    •    Amazon    •    iTunes

Odette and the Great Fear

Audible • Amazon  •  iTunes

The Frenchman

Audible   •  Amazon   •  iTunes

The Things We Said Today

Audible   •  Amazon   •  iTunes

Give Him the Ooh-la-la

Audible   •  Amazon   •  iTunes

The Girl in the Empty Dress

Audible   •  Amazon   •  iTunes

Blackbird Fly – available everywhere audiobooks are sold

Audible   •  Amazon   •  iTunes

Rory Tate Thrillers

Audible   •  Amazon   •  iTunes














All Your Pretty Dreams

Audible   •  Amazon   •  iTunes

Beat Slay Love: One Chef’s Hunger for Delicious Revenge

Audible • Amazon   •  iTunes

Dorie Lennox Mysteries

Audible   •  Amazon   •  iTunes












Audible   •  Amazon   •  iTunes