May the Glitches be Behind Us

Merci beaucoup for checking out the new web store here on my website. There has been a learning curve but I am satisfied that the glitches have been identified and eradicated!

There are a couple new things for you to look at, besides the box sets for Bennett Sisters Volumes 1-8 and 9-18… there is a swag pack of bookmarks and stickers. (If you’re going to Bouchercon in San Diego at the end of August, I will also be giving these away… find me at my panel about cozies and cuisine: A Community as Warm as the Cuisine panel on Friday, Sept. 1, at 3:35-4:25pm. I will be signing books in the book room after.) Shipping is free in the US for the swag pack, and it’s just $5. The bookmarks are shiny and BIG! I’m excited about these stickers too… I am putting them on my laptop!

Also available is the fancy hardcover of Blackbird Fly. This is the one that was only available at the Kickstarter but now you can get it without all those nasty Kickstarter rules and regs! It has color interior pages and a snazzy dust jacket. It’s a keeper for you collectors.

See the web store HERE

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