Giveaways and Flash Rewards

First, congratulations to Kristen Cox who won the giveaway here on the blog, for the deluxe edition of ‘Blackbird Fly.’ Whee! Thanks to everyone who entered! You can still get a copy over on the Kickstarter:

[button link=”” type=”big” color=”purple” newwindow=”yes”] The deluxe edition[/button]

Then, another round of congrats to the ladies who won the Bennett Sisters French Cookbook during the Bookworm of a Suspect launch party madness. Vanessa, Tina, Jess, Judy and Becca: happy cooking!

We didn’t make the USA Today bestseller list because they discontinued it in December, but it’s still a great project. Please help get books in the hands of children and teens and promote literacy!


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FLASH REWARDS: Four days only

The Kickstarter still has a week or so to go! I’ve added flash rewards for anyone who pledges or ups their pledge by $5 between April 20 and 23. You get a set of Bennett Sisters character cards, all five sisters!



For $10 or more you can get an e-book of the collectible edition! 



Once we get to $1,000 (almost there!) I will add four more color interior pages to the deluxe edition. Thanks for your support for this project. It means the world to me.


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