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This year, 2023, I am trying a bunch of new things. I have stories coming out in four– count ’em!– four mystery anthologies. All this spring and early summer, argh! I will be nagging you to help out. Most of them are charity anthologies. Two will contribute to reading charities for children. There is no better hope than more readers for the future, to keep us all informed, safe, educated, and sane!

Here is the first one… coming up April 1. No fooling’! This anthology is themed around small businesses, shops, bookstores, and the like. My gallery owner, Alix Thorssen, is featured in Wild Irish Dreams. Appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day, if a little late! There are 15 stories in this anthology, check it out on Amazon.

Next up the juicy stuff… I am doing a Kickstarter campaign for a deluxe new hardcover of ‘Blackbird Fly.’ The star of the show is this gorgeous book, with a new cover, dust jacket, color title page and ‘thank you’ page, and more interior illustrations.

If you’d like to take a look at the campaign (which doesn’t start for about a month) you can click through below, follow it, and get notified when it’s live. There is a lot of other stuff, swag as we say, including character cards, bookmarks, e-books, paperbacks, and more. I worked with a British artist to create these character cards of 12 main characters in the series. Here’s a sampling.

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I will be posting almost constantly– and no doubt obnoxiously– once this campaign is live. I hope it looks good to you! Thanks for your interest and support. Merci!

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