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I’ve had a summer of audiobooks, and not just the ones I’ve been listening to while driving and walking. (I love those so much!)

No, these are some of my own, produced by my favorite narrators. They have really breathed new life into each and every one of my books. When I listen to my audiobooks, books I wrote last year or years ago, it’s like listening to someone else’s story. It’s brand new to me. So thank you, Denice, Adam, and Naomi for these marvelous treasures. (Click on the covers to read more about the audiobooks on Amazon. Most are available at all your favorite audiobook sites including iTunes, Audible, ChirpKOBO, Libro.fmNOOK, Scribd, and Google Play.


The year started with the audiobook version of LOST IN LAVENDER, the latest full-length novel in the Bennett Sisters Mysteries. Denice Stradling does it again, transporting us to Provence this time, where the lavender is blooming and people aren’t very nice to Elise but she works out a win for herself anyway. She’s come for a farm stay at a lavender farm but discovers so much more about her own courage.

Lost audiobook
Available everywhere and at your library — just ask


Next up, Denice narrated the compilation of the three parts of BIRDS OF A FEATHER that released at the end of July. Off to Wales for the holidays, Elise and Conor navigate the family drama that ensues, along with food, drink, and, well, murder. A traditional English manor house mystery, BIRDS will keep you guessing about who the culprit is… and drooling over the feast for Twelfth Night. Excellent work, Denice, as usual!

Birds audiobook
Available at Audible, iTunes, Chirp, KOBO, Walmart, B&N, Scribd, and all the other apps.

It’s back!

Along the way the first audiobook that Denice narrated for me, Blackbird Fly, number one in the Bennett Sisters Mysteries, got lost in a change at the original publisher. But they were kind enough to give us the rights and files back so we have re-released it. How it all began!

Also widely available now. Audible, iTunes, Chirp, Scribd, and many many library applications

Back up to 2020

I’ve been saying that I don’t remember much of 2020 (on purpose) but that’s not really true. I released the three parts of DEAD FLAT over the winter months, then compiled them in the spring, like I did with Birds of a Feather this year. I never got around to releasing the audiobook though until this summer. Denice and I agreed that, since it’s Pascal’s story, it required a male narrator. I threw it out there and got an audition by an out-of-work Broadway actor named Adam Wesley Brown. (You might have seen him as Carl Perkins in Million Dollar Quartet.) Adam does a great French accent for Pascal — and lots of other accents in this story set all over France but mainly in the Champagne region. Much intrigue, much French travel, much bubbly. Dead Flat is available everywhere audiobooks are sold.

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Last but not Least

My last audiobook for 2021 is BLUE WOLF, a book celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. It came out in June, not long before September 11, 2001. Not an auspicious time for publishing but the book did well as the 4th installment in the Alix Thorssen Mystery series set in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. (The first three books in the series were produced in audio by Books in Motion but they never bought the fourth book.)

I am fascinated by gray wolves, living near Yellowstone National Park as I do. Their reintroduction in 1995 set off my imagination as a way to include them a mystery. BLUE WOLF is the culmination of that search, a personal story for Alix, and for a woman still grieving the loss of her son after 25 years. Naomi Rose-Mock did a masterful job bringing the story to life.

The production of Blue Wolf is now available at Audible and iTunes. Check the Amazon site for the book here:

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Happy listening! Please leave a review where you bought one if you enjoyed the audiobook. Thank you!

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