Autumn rambles, with Wine and Sunshine ?

I had a very busy month in September, traveling to a convention in Florida and then to France for research (and yes, a little wine and cheese and some Florida sunshine.) Here are a few highlights.

2018 Anthony Award Winner

Bouchercon is the International Mystery Convention for readers and writers of mysteries of all stripes. It’s named for a writer and critic, Anthony Boucher. This year it was in St. Petersburg, Florida, right on the bay, a beautiful setting. I roomed with my partner-in-crime, Katy Munger, who runs Thalia Press with me. A lotta laughs, some crazy times, and Three Rooms Press won the best anthology for The Obama Inheritance! I have a short story in this wacky collection edited by Gary Phillips. It’s about social media trolls, Edward Snowden, and yes, even Barack Obama makes an appearance. Check it out.   AMAZON

With the publishers and fellow contributor, Christopher Chambers




It wasn’t all work– hey, it was a convention and there are a lot of writers in attendance. Katy and I are total goofs together so we continued our goofy traditions. The Tampa Bay Rowdies are the soccer team whose stadium was across the street from our hotel. We ran into Ian Rankin and he told us a Scot managed the team but they would never name a team “rowdies” in Scotland! Like calling them the “hooligans”!


Worst fighting form award: Lise



And yes, I am “well read and dangerous” at the Novel Suspects line-up

I’ve been posting photos of my trip to France over on my Facebook page. Hop over there to take a look! FACEBOOK Here are a few more of the days in Paris and the car trip from Bordeaux, through the Dordogne, the Lot, and the Aveyron, to Montpellier.

Along the Seine in Paris
At the Klimt light show at the Atelier de Lumiére in Paris
In Brantôme in the Dordogne
Oh, the food! Oh, the wine!








Á la plage, Montpellier










Evening at the carousel, Montpellier












Whew! I’m almost caught up! Just a reminder to catch the latest adventures of the Bennett Sisters in the new one, Blame it on Paris.

Yes, Paris has a lot of explaining to do… 🙂

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