Sunday Sentence

Sunday Sentence was started by my fellow Montana author, David Abrams, who lives in Butte. He is the author of two books based on his military experiences: FOBBIT and his new one, Brave Deeds,  about a group of AWOL soldiers in Baghdad. This Sunday Sentence was chosen by Emma at France Book Tours, where I was recently featured in the launch of The Frenchman.

What do you think? My protagonist, Merle Bennett, believes that just being in France can change you, make you lighter, happier, your better self. Pascal, her French boyfriend, laughs at this, mocking her belief in the magical nature of France as a “gastronomic Disneyland full of sunflowers!” How do you view the places you visit, or the places you love? Do they change you? Travel is always transformative, I think, but the view that change comes from outside you and not inside your “soul” — whatever you believe that is — is a stretch for me. This is one of the debates in the Bennett Sisters Mysteries: what changes you, how you change, can you change?

My fellow Francophile, Helen, will agree with Merle though: she always feels better in France. The French have cultivated a culture of good living that is hard to argue with.

And I do love sunflowers.

Check out The Frenchman to get your virtual French fix!

Looking for the paperback? CLICK HERE

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