Yow. Where has the year gone?

It’s past midway in 2017. Yes, already. 

Is summer (or winter for you southern hemisphere folks) going well for you? I hope so. Here in Montana we’re looking forward to the solar eclipse in August. I have to travel a few miles south into Idaho but I will report! I hope you report too if you’re in the trajectory of this rare event.

The Frenchman: a Bennett Sisters Mystery

My news this summer is the new Bennett Sisters mystery, The Frenchman, coming in early September. It’s number five — again, already! So here it is!

In this story we continue the thread that began at the end of The Things We Said Today where Merle gets an idea to write a gothic romance, like those she and her sisters loved as young girls. [Hint: Me too.] She decides to go to France for a longer stretch so she can research and write her novel, set during the French Revolution.

Meanwhile (isn’t there always a meanwhile??) Pascal, who works in the Wine Fraud Division of the Policier Nationale) is doing an undercover investigation when he falls off Merle’s radar. She tries not to be a hovering girlfriend while vandals spray graffiti on her lovely stone house and she tries to finish her remodeling to-do list.

There are a number of fascinating Frenchmen in the book, including of course Pascal d’Onscon, Merle’s boyfriend. There is also a stranger with a scar, a couple of intriguing Frenchmen during the revolutionary period, a criminal, a vandal, some wine shenanigan-ers. (Is that a word? It should be.)

If you’re ready to read a little bit of the new book, check it out here. You can read a preview on InstaFreebie here:

[button link=”https://www.instafreebie.com/free/dviMA” type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] Read a Preview of The Frenchman[/button]

Catching up on the Bennett Sisters? You can get this box set for much less than the individual books.

[button link=”http://amzn.to/2ucmIvk” type=”big”] Check it out on Amazon![/button]




And one more thing– the audiobook for The Things We Said Today is out!

Thank you, Denice Stradling for your awesome narration.

[button link=”http://amzn.to/2tgDx5i” type=”big” color=”purple” newwindow=”yes”] Get the audiobook now![/button]


Please share your reactions in social media. You know the drill– I love your opinions! Link to the Preview if you can.

I’ll be back when the pre-order is live. Thank you!!

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