Oh 2016, please quit me.

It’s been a rough year on so many fronts in public life: politics, musicians, all sorts of beloved people up and leaving us. One thing is clear from this list (link on pic below), I didn’t see enough movies. Last week I caught “Miss Sloane” which is great in a European, talk-y switcheroo thriller way which I love, but I don’t even remember what I saw before that. Probably something in LA or Seattle when I can go to a fancy theater where they serve wine and have reserved seats and no stupid ads. Going to the theater isn’t as much fun as it used to be, like airplane travel, activist politics, and so many things.

But on this blizzardy day in Montana I have a whole lot of movies to look forward to on the small screen. So many of this list look fabulous, and, wow, I never heard of them at all. Does that mean they’ll come out sooner on HBO or Netflix? Who knows? But I’m making my list (of flicks to see in 2017) and checking it twice.

Have you seen any of these 25 best films of 2016 (according to Little White Lies: Truth and Movies)? Do tell.


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