Ah, December


It’s been a crazy autumn. Whew. Still reeling a bit but it’s time to get back to writing and reading and holiday food and all the things that make you happy. The stress of the election hasn’t left us but we are learning to deal with it. Here in Montana the snow is falling and the temperature is dropping, reminding us to stack more wood, find the snow boots, and hunker down for a long winter. And get the reading list re-tooled, if necessary!

Check out this great list of food and drinks for December on my Facebook page. Click on the little ‘f.’ You can ‘Like’ the page while you’re there if you’d ‘like.’ 🙂 Be sure to check in about where you live on the top post.

I’ve been reading again — fiction! (Obsessive news junkie here. Hard habit to break.)

I read a great book I want to share: Francine Mathews’ Too Bad to Die – a sort of James Bond continuation novel but not exactly. The main character is Ian Fleming, Bond’s creator, working in Naval Intelligence during World War II. Hey, the Nazis can stay in fiction forever! It’s a great thriller with (imagined?) asides about the origins of Bond. Loved it.

What have you been reading?



Looking for a comfort read? My French suspense novel (no overt violence!) Blackbird Fly is just 99 cents right now. Check out the reviews and see if it’s for you. Here’s a recent one:

Excellent read, October 20, 2016

When Merle Bennett’s husband dies of a sudden heart attack the rose colored glasses come off and Merle gets to examine the truth about her life. Merle is a well developed character and I found it easy to identify with the emotional impact of such a profound life change. The majority of the book takes place in a small French village where Merle tries to untangle the web of deceit around the birthplace of her husband. An absorbing story that I didn’t want to end. Happy to see there is a series!

• • •

Speaking of… the Bennett Sisters Mysteries are now exclusively on Amazon. That means they are FREE for Kindle Unlimited readers for the first time. Not a Kindle Unlimited member? Because of the low price on Blackbird Fly currently, you can get the whole series for less than 11 bucks for someone you love (hey, you love yourself, right?)

Paperbacks are still available all over the place, usually by special order. Ask your bookseller or drop me a note.

Happy December. May the snow be deep, the whisky strong, and our hearts full of cheer.


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