When the Beatles meet Jane Austen anything can happen

The New Book is here!

Just two years in the making… whew. Since the second book in the Bennett Sisters series in 2014, The Girl in the Empty Dress, there has been a novella featuring them, Give Him the Ooh-la-la, plus last year’s whacky dark comedy, BEAT SLAY LOVE. But now, at last, the third full-length book.things-we-said-web

Like the first book in the series featuring five sisters — named Bennett after the famous Austen characters, the new book has a title from a Beatles song from the 60s, THE THINGS WE SAID TODAY. It is a slow, sweet song – here is Paul singing it – that you may not remember as well as Blackbird. But it fits this tale of a two lovers who may or may not decide to get married in the Scottish Highlands. The whole clan gathers at the hunting lodge of the groom for a week-long celebration. But the happiness is disrupted by torrential rains (so uncommon in Scotland! ?) annoying relatives, and the cold feet of one bride.

Will Annie and Callum overcome the obstacles? Will Merle and Pascal make their own plans for togetherness? Will Francie drink herself silly– or stupid? Will Elise pull “a Lydia” and run off with the wrong sort of man like the youngest Bennet sister in Pride and Prejudice?

Hie thee to the Highlands, reader! All will be revealed.

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