The Real Floating Paris Bookshop

Like many of you I fell in love with the book, The Little Paris Bookshop, about a floating bookstore moored on the Seine that goes wild and floats through France. It’s a delightful book, sad and funny and quirky, a bit of a fairy tale of the best type. If you can’t get to France this summer (or want to go back in your mind!) check it out. 

It turns out there is a real bookshop on a houseboat in Paris. It is in no way small however:

One of France’s gigantic canal boats – fitting the lock standardized by the Freycinet Act (1879) of a parallel-piped shape 40 metres long and 5.2 metres wide, and today moored alongside Quai de L’Oise just off the Bassin de la Villette – has been given a new life as a bookstore and cultural centre where creation takes the form of workshops, theatre groups, readings and art gallery space.”  READ MORE

The Real Floating Bookshop

You can read about those lucky Parisians who live on houseboats too. I’ve often wondered about them. They are called péniches.

Want more reading about Paris? Who doesn’t? Grab Cara Black’s newest mystery set in Paris, featuring private detective Aimée Leduc, Murder on the Quai. It’sa prequel and the 16th in the series (!) so if you haven’t read Cara yet you’re in for a long, lovely Parisian ride.

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