Writus Interruptus

Two months ago, in the heady throes of the new year, deep in grand plans and optimism, I made a writing schedule for myself. I’m writing a new Bennett Sisters novel and wanted to keep the energy going. Usually I don’t use production goals anymore. When I first started writing I did, trying to do 1,000 words a day, or even 2,000. If you keep that up you finish a novel in no time. At least a first draft.

WRITUSThe problem with breaks in writing is keeping a plot and characters, what they want to do, what you want them to feel, in your head. Try to outline as you will (and I do) the feel of a novel, the “voice” is something in your head. The smart-aleck comment, the wry eye of a character: those are things that can’t be outlined. And they can make or break a story.

So when I had to take a couple breaks recently for family duties my schedule got shot to hell, as well as my “voice.” It sometimes takes two weeks to get back to where you were before you left off. Word count is meaningless at this time. You just want to plow forward and get the characters inside your head again.

I am now about 20,000 words behind, mostly because I didn’t plan on a couple of the breaks when I optimistically wrote my schedule. So things are pushed back. It’s not earth-shattering. I was hoping to get the book out by June but that may not be possible now. Summer is all about “writus interruptus.” I must get the first draft done before I can go play!

Nose to the grindstone. Or today, St. Patrick’s Day, the blarney stone. My novel is one load of blarney, about a wedding in Scotland that goes tits up, or kilts up. A monster storm that cuts off an old hunting lodge where the sisters are staying. Misunderstandings, miscommunications, deaths in mud puddles.

But you’ll see. Just wait a bit longer… In the meantime how about trying your Irish luck on this giveaway? I’m a sponsor as well as lots of cool authors and book bloggers.

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