The Weather is Frightful!

Captain’s Cider/Big Sky

Unless you’re one of those annoying people who keep telling the rest of us how 80-degrees it is where you live, Winter is here. With a capital Whoa. I hope you enjoy the snow. I got stuck it in this week and some curse words were said. But generally I love the snow. The family had some serious fun skiing over the holidays. I don’t ski anymore (since I broke my leg skiing ten years ago – bummer) but I still partake in the traditions. I posted this photo on Facebook of my après-ski drink. The “after-skiing” tradition may be French but Americans have certainly embraced it. One of my friends replied he believes in “jamais-ski” (as in Never-ski) to which my son, the powder hound, replied: “Tell him your son is toujours ski.” (Always!) He is a true winter enthusiast, born in Wyoming and raised in Montana.ooh-la-la-cover-ebook

I hope you have found a way to get through January. Sometimes it’s a struggle. If you haven’t checked out the new Bennett Sisters novella, Give Him the Ooh-la-la, it’s out now for your Kindle, Nook, and iTunes. My readers tell me that sweet-talking Frenchman, Pascal, has been known to warm them up. 🙂

DeadCoverFinalWhen you’re done with that you might snowshoe over for the Thalia Press anthology, just right for a long winter’s nap: Dead of Winter. Chilling tales indeed, short stories by some great crime writers. Even that scamp Rory Tate who brings back Mimi Raynard from Jump Cut in a story about Seattle getting crushed by winter and some college sports chicanery. You can buy The Honey Trap separately but right now Dead of Winter has been reduced from $4.99 to just 99 cents for Kindle and Nook. Now that’s a winter no-brainer.

Stay cozy, my friends.

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