Winner winner chicken dinner

[Drumroll!] We have a winner!

Thanks to everyone who recently signed up for the newsletter, recently and the hardy pioneers, and entered their name in the contest to win a copy of Jeremiah Healy’s first mystery, BLUNT DARTS. The recent death of my colleague was a shocking one and in my small way I’m trying to keep Jerry alive. Hey, maybe someone will do continuation novels, that would be cool. In the meantime there are  a slew — by my count fourteen — of John Francis Cuddy mysteries to read, plus the legal thrillers under his nom-de-plume Terry Devane. 

Congratulations, Don Cannon! You are the winner! A newsletter will be out later this week with a new giveaway and other juicy tidbits for you to gnaw on, so if you haven’t signed up, I mean — it’s painless! Click here. All it takes is your email address — you can be anonymous! But if you enter your snail mail address I will send you a sticker! Yes, a real live sticker, like none you’ve ever experienced! Or like many you have already on your laptop. But totally unique in that it announces you are a super special Very Noisy Friend.stickerVNF


I hope you’re eking out the last lovely bits of summer where you are, or if not, curled up in a comfy corner with a book. 

All my best,


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