Puppy love

Truffle dog in action in France.

Thanks to Jacqui at French Village Diaries for this action shot of a truffle dog digging out a truffle (or maybe a truffle-scented tennis ball, hard to say) in France. This looks like a poodle. Aurore in The Girl in the Empty Dress is a poodle/wire-haired fox terrier cross so similar, a bit! dog bicycle

After writing about Aurore I am feeling a ripe old doggie-desire. It’s been six years since I had a dog, and two years since my cat passed on to the big mouse heaven. What’s your take? Are pets worth the inconvenience of travel, home messes, vet bills, and all? Or are you into simplifying your life without pets? Got a turtle, a goldfish, a cockatiel?

Best pet story gets a free e-copy of The Girl in the Empty Dress!

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