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Thanks to France Book Tours, I’m blog-hopping around to book blogger sites for a couple weeks. Check the schedule because there are free copies of The Girl in the Empty Dress to be won!



I’ve met many interesting book bloggers, tour organizers, and avid readers setting up this tour. It’s been so much fun. Thanks to Emma at France Book Tours especially.

Some of the sites do just giveaways, some do reviews. Here is today’s review from French Village Diaries. Jacqui, a Brit living in Poitou-Charentes, is an avid reader and devoted gardener. Check out her blog for your “other life” living in the French countryside.

We join Merle back in the old stone cottage in the Dordogne that she rescued and restored in Blackbird Fly and that kind of rescued her too from a difficult emotional time. This visit her four sisters, her son and a friend are with her to enjoy a summer holiday eating al fresco, walking in the French countryside and filling the old house with life and laughter. However their plans are thrown awry when they find an injured dog by the roadside and things soon get complicated, tempers rise and sibling bickering rears it’s head. There is a mystery to the dog’s past and a situation arises that leads them to question the friend’s past too and puts them in a dangerous position.

To distract Merle from the craziness, the lovely Pascal with his sexy French accent who brought love back to her life in book one makes a reappearance. There is the passion that she needs but it is a complicated romance, with many interruptions, so can she rely on him to be there for her when it matters or should she take charge and go it alone?

I liked Lise’s writing style, loved that little old ladies came out with the word ‘shit’ and her brilliant descriptions like this one “He had the face of an ice block hardened by many winters”, brought her characters alive. The situations they found themselves in often made me laugh and there was just the right amount of ooh-ing and aah-ing over the tasty French cheeses, truffles and wine to remember they were in France and loving it.

I can recommend both Blackbird Fly and The Girl in the Empty Dress (Bennett Sisters Novels) as perfect summer holiday reads. I will be looking out for more Bennett Sisters Novels.

Thanks, Jacqui. Isn’t it interesting that she can “hear” Pascal’s sexy French accent? In my real life little old ladies say a lot of naughty things… 🙂

Stay tuned with the book tour and get signed up to win a copy of the new book at lots of great blogs.


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