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Girl-in-Empty-Dress-ebook-2The new book is here, there, and everywhere!

The Girl in the Empty Dress is the sequel to Blackbird Fly, my 2009 novel about New York lawyer Merle Bennett. When Merle’s husband dies suddenly he leaves behind a lot of troubles, financial and emotional, plus one ancient stone house in France. Workaholic lawyer Merle decides to take the summer off and go to France and fix up the house to sell it. But her plans go awry almost immediately. Along the way she meets many interesting villagers and grows to love the Dordogne, a province in Southwest France.

Now, she’s back a year later, celebrating her 50th birthday with all four of her lawyer/sisters, plus one sister’s friend. Gillian Sargent is moody and aloof and when she wants to keep an injured dog she finds by the side of the road, the vacation takes a turn. Truffles, intrigue, wine, and romance await the Bennett Sisters, and you, dear reader.

The book is available at Amazon   Barnes & Noble   KOBO as e-books and paperbacks.

Can’t get enough France? I know what you mean. So I’ve created a new place to hang out called France Sisterhood. We’re just getting started over there. I’d love to have you write something for me that’s French-related, like your favorite wine or cheese, memories of a trip, that amazing chocolate shop, or your favorite macarones. Check it out and follow your sisters (brothers are also welcome!) to France Sisterhood. We’re also on Facebook.

Stop by my Facebook page this weekend and comment on the virtual wine and cheese party we’re having. You’ll be entered to win some cool prizes including free e-books!


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