The Tone Poem Rides Again

LCCC-BoulderIn 1996 the Left Coast Crime Convention — held annually somewhere in the Western US — was held in Boulder, Colorado. Perhaps due to that Party Feeling that comes over a person in the hometown of the U. of Colorado it was a blast. One of the highlights was a variety show by writers at the Boulderado Theater, organized by former TV producer & writer, Les Roberts. Through glitches and backstage jitters I was one of the participants, roping several guys to back me up. Bill Moody played his jazzy drums perfectly in time. John Harvey shook the tambourine with panache. And what did I do? I recited a poem I’d written, a tone poem like a beatnik in a ’50s coffeehouse would do. It’s called Rides a Black and White Horse and is an ode to the mystery novel, in all its curious, spooky, imaginative wonder.

John Harvey, Lise, Jerry Healy, Alan Russell
John Harvey, Lise, Jerry Healy, Alan Russell

Now Denice Stradling, who narrated my novel, Blackbird Fly, has voiced the poem for everyone. Here it is. Enjoy– and send some love and help to Boulder and its environs. You will rebuild, Colorado.

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UPDATE:   John Harvey weighs in… and misses his tambourine

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